SERI 2009 World Conference on Ecological Restoration

SER International meetings provide an essential international forum for scientists and practitioners who look to restoration as a means to conserve the planet’s dwindling biodiversity and failing ecosystems. These meetings provide a critical platform to assist us in defining the principles of restoration, understanding goals and milestones, debating what ecosystem functions to measure and closing the gap between the science of restoration ecology and the practise of ecological restoration.

With a focus on Making Change in a Changing World, the local conference organising committee hope to engage the debate on the impact of a changing world on our restoration capabilities. With this focus, SER International 2009 aims to accommodate as many interests as possible. The meeting will host an array of themes representing current research and global restoration practice. Themes that are relevant, of high focus and contemporary in Australia will also be part of the SER International 2009 program. A preliminary list of themes to be addressed include:

  • Restoration ecology in a changing world
    • status of restoration ecology
    • setting goals in a changing world
    • global climate change
    • priorities for restoration
    • investigating ecological processes –which ones and how?
    • future of restoration ecology -  where do we go to from here?
  • Linking science with the arts - social and cultural aspects of restoration
    • community involvement in restoration
    • indigenous ecological knowledge for restoration
  • Restoration at the landscape scale
    • using landscape ecology in ecological restoration
    • using ecological restoration in landscape ecology
  • Ecological restoration of ecosystems
    • wetland restoration
    • river restoration
    • coastal and mangrove restoration
    • marine restoration
    • forest restoration
    • woodland restoration
    • shrubland restoration
    • grassland restoration
    • desert restoration
  • Ecological restoration of disturbed sites
    • agricultural landscape restoration
    • post-mine restoration
    • post-extraction restoration
    • post-contaminated soil restoration
    • road ecology and restoration
  • Ecological restoration within urban areas
    • plant-animal interactions in urban areas
    • concepts for urban remnant restoration
    • challenges and indicators for urban remnant restoration
  • Ecological restoration of threatened species, populations and habitats
    • linking ex-situ and in-situ conservation and restoration practices
    • linking conservation of species with habitat restoration
  • Management and technical aspects
    • adaptive management
    • monitoring - the long and short of it!
    • remote sensing capabilities
    • modelling capabilities
    • plant provenance
    • criteria and methods for evaluating restoration
  • Disturbance ecology and management
    • disturbance ecology
    • weed management
    • fire ecology and management
    • pest management
  • Economics and legislation of restoration
    • restoring natural capital
    • changes in legislation

Given it's location, the SER International 2009 conference is aiming to attract a broader audience, including practitioners and scientists from Oceania and the Eastern Hemisphere regions. The SER International 2009 conference provides an ideal opportunity to promote the SER and ecological restoration within these regions - India and China represent two new major global hubs for economic growth with growing restoration needs.

The local organising committee sincerely looks forward to your attendance at SER International 2009 and welcomes you to Australia and Perth.

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Protected Areas
North America
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