See biodiversity in Sri Lanka and Jordan: Eco-documentaries from David Without Borders

View the latest videos from the eco-adventure team David Without Borders, with CEC member David Aimé.

'Building peace for Sri Lanka, the power of biodiversity' is a WebTV production of David Without Borders

For the International Year of Biodiversity 2010 and the now the International Year of Forests 2011, our expedition David without Borders travels in 12 different countries around the world to broadcast positive initiatives on biodiversity protection, conservation and sustainable use.

Endorsed by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, our mission is to raise awareness about the value of Biodiversity for our life, using interactive technologies and broadcasting inspiring projects and people.

All our documentaries are distributed continuously as a Web series on the davidwithoutborders’ platform and all relevant information and projects will be submitted to the United Nation Assembly in June 2011. Please note that this project is a contribution to the IUCN CEC.

Building peace for Sri Lanka, the power of biodiversity

A three decade-long civil war finally ended in 2009 with a vital need for reconciliation. In fact, modern civil wars don’t stop with a peace treaty. The effects of trauma on people and on biodiversity are long lasting and tensions remain very strong.

With the vision to plant the seeds of peace among Sinhalese and Tamil youth, professor Kotagama, the most famous Sri Lankan ornithologist, is leading a program called “Reconciliation through the Power of Nature.” Inspired by the harmony within biodiversity, he uses a bird education platform to break down communication barriers and negative attitudes between the different ethnic communities to create a common Sri Lankan identity.

Coral reefs of Jordan, a treasure at risk

Phosphates, oil spills, garbage, irresponsible diving, and now a possible nuclear reactor to pump water from the Red Sea to the Dead sea of Jordan! The coral reefs of the Gulf of Aqaba is no exception to coral reef deterioration occurring around the world.

To prevent the loss of this marine ecosystem, the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS) is pioneering education and advocacy activities. Thanks to their devotion, the next generation of Jordan seems well prepared to defend their marine biodiversity patrimony.

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