In search of <em>Tulipa hungarica</em>

The Hungarican Tulip (Tulipa hungarica), one of the 1,760 strictly protected plant species of Serbia, is endemic to the Iron Gates. It is thought to be extinct in Serbia. The unique proof of distribution in the country is the one found in 1995 on the site called “Horse’s head” that is now kept in the herbarium of Natural History Museum in Belgrade. 

Tulip (Tulipa hungaricain) taken in Romania Photo: Predrag Lazarevic

In order to verify its presence in Serbia, the National Park Djerdap and the IUCN Member Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, with the support of the Nature Park Portile de Fier from Romania, initiated the search for this plant. Several activities are organized, amongst others:

  • The field visit and possible plant habitat search in the territory of the National Park.
  • A leaflet was elaborated, informing the local community on the importance of plant finding and conservation and on steps to be taken in case the species is found.
  • The field visit of the habitats of the Iron Gates in Romania, the Nature park Portile de Fier which gives the opportunity to take photos of the plant and its habitats.
  • Elaboration of an international project for the reintroduction of the Tulipa hungarica in the National Park Djerdap, in close cooperation with the Romanian Nature Park Portile de Fier. The analysis of the National Park area will help the selection of habitats that would be the most suitable for this species reintroduction.


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