Sarus Crane: On its way to Extinction

CEC member Alok Mishra of India shares an article published in Resonance magazine about threats to the survival of the Sarus Crane.

Raising awareness about the plight of the Sarus Crane Photo: Alok Mishra

I would like to share one of the recent publication about the critical declination in the number of Sarus Cranes. This article was published in Resonance (December 2009). This article can be downloaded here >

India is the main abode of theworld’s tallest flying bird called the Sarus Crane. Their population, however, has shown a steady decline over the past few decades. Several factors are believed to be responsible for this. Alterations of the landscape to agriculture leading to habitat loss and other socio-ecological factors are the main reasons of this declination.  This article will introduce some of these features and current status of this famous historical bird.

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