SALZBURG GLOBAL SEMINAR: Parks for the Planet Forum, 8-11 November 2015

 Nature, Health, and a new Urban Generation

Salzburg Global Seminar

A key component of the Promise of Sydney was the realisation that nature - and nature connectedness - can and must be deployed to tackle impacts on human health and well-being linked to rapid urbanisation: by 2045, over two-thirds of the world's population will live in towns and cities, with most of that increase taking place in Asia and Africa. 

As cities expand and new cities are born, the way that urban populations, planners and innovators interact with nature will directly shape global prospects for health, well-being and sustainable development.   2015 is therefore a pivotal year to launch the Parks for the Planet Forum, as the international community adopts Sustainable Development Goals and a new Climate Change Agreement.    This landmark session - marking the first anniversary of the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 - will highlight the potential to reconnect growing urban populations with nature to achieve co-benefits for health and well-being, while reducing vulnerability to climate-related and environmental challenges.   READ MORE ABOUT THE SEMINAR, THE PARTICIPANTS, AND DISCUSSIONS HERE   Key themes ans questions:

  • Urban and Youth Engagement: How do younger generations view opportunities to experience nature on their own terms? What approaches and urban gateways work best to build appreciation of and access to nature to improve their health and well-being? What additional steps are needed for minority groups and people with disabilities?
  • Strategic Coalitions for Health, Cities and Nature: What initiatives can best deliver coordination between the nature conservation sector, public health stakeholders and health insurers to expand access to nature? How can we influence policies and programs to scale up best practices? How can we better integrate“smart cities” technology-based infrastructure and naturebased solutions for long-term benefit?
  • The Business Case for Urban Transformation: What investments by other sectors work best to connect young urban people to nature? How can we promote economic opportunities that support the health and well-being benefits of protecting and restoring the natural environment?
  • Communication, Tools and Data: How can we better understand and communicate the value of nature for human well-being? What systems can harness data and measure trends in nature awareness, health, and environmental attitudes and behaviors? Could citizen science initatives become powerful tools at community and regional levels?

  Outcomes and Impacts

  • High-level understanding of benefits of integrated planning and investment for nature conservation, health, and urban development and technology.
  • Personal commitments from leaders to move key agendas forward.
  • Pilot action plans for city hubs to provide an ongoing framework to test innovation, evaluate results and scale up best practices.
  • Cross-cutting partnerships and initiatives to deliver the Promise of Sydney.
  • Strategic recommendations and actions for the IUCN World Conservation Congress (Hawaii, September 2016) and other key fora.


Work area: 
Protected Areas
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