Sailing for our seas

The message for the conservation of our seas continues onboard the boats bidding farewell to the World Conservation Congress.

Jadran Photo: -

Today is the last day of the Forum activities for the IV World Conservation Congress organized by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), celebrated in Barcelona, Spain. Since 4 October, the over twenty boats of the Sailing to Barcelona initiative have been fascinating the visitors who visited Barcelona´s old harbour (Port Vell), welcoming Congress experts onboard, and networking between themselves to further their efforts to protect the magnificent blue world that covers over two thirds of our planet. They are preparing to set sail again in the next days, to return to their countries of origin or to continue their research and awareness-raising voyages. Each one will carry the message they created jointly on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea: together we can and must protect coastal and marine biodiversity.

IUCN invites everyone to come and celebrate the farewell to the Sailing to Barcelona Tall Ship from Montenegro, the Jadran. Come to Moll de España, Port Vell, at 9am on Friday October 10 to witness an unforgettable show!

Sailing to Barcelona is an action-oriented initiative, where participants showcase their contributions to the protection of marine and coastal biodiversity. Sailing boats, research vessels and environmentally-friendly ships are the powerful tools used to visually communicate this action.

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