The Sacred Dimension of Protected Areas

Proceedings of the Second Workshopof the Delos Initiative


Delos Initiative

The 2nd Delos Initiative Workshop was held in Ouranoupolis , in October 2007. a location chosen for its proximity to Mt. Athos.

The 22 participants at the Workshop included religious leaders, academics and conservationists from 11 countries and four continents

The Workshop was divided into three parts:

  • The first concerned the presentation and critical discussion of new case studies relating to both the spiritual traditions of indigenous peoples and to mainstream faiths which were not presented at the first Delos Workshop.
  • The second theme focused on the management of monastic lands, with examples drawn mainly from the Northern Mediterranean.
  • Finally, the last day of the Workshop was dedicated to examining and discussing general issues relating to the provision of guidance to sacred natural sites, and to the future orientation and planning of Delos activities.

The main results of the presentations and discussions were summarised in the Ouranoupolis Statement (p 249), which was subsequently translated into the IUCN’s other official languages and widely disseminated through the appropriate networks and the Delos Initiative webpage at

Workshop participants then visited monasteries in Meteora, Thessaly, the Ormylia Monastery in Halkidiki, the Vergina archaeological site and the Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki.

Work area: 
Protected Areas
Protected Areas
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