Russia's Central Scientific Agricultural Library Celebrates 80th Anniversary

Eight decades ago, in July 1930, a library affiliated with the USSR Agricultural Academy was set up to support research and practical activities. This year the library celebrates 80 years of experience in education and communication. From Dr. Nina G. Dobrynina, CEC member.

18th-century book

Eight decades ago, in July of 1930, a Branch Reference Library affiliated to the USSR Agricultural Academy was set up to support the research and practical activities. Later on, the Reference collection grew into the Central Scientific Agricultural Library (CSAL) which is currently celebrating the 80th anniversary. During its lifetime, alongside with the national events the CSAL has faced the periods of great success and great difficulties, now thanks to the management and the staff it remains to be the federal centre of information and training.

Currently, the library has over 3 million accessioned volumes on agriculture and related subjects such as forestry, environmental protection, food industry and resources. The bibliographic rarities date back to the 18th century and the pre-revolutionary magazines for a period of over a hundred years are kept here.

Among rare books there are some on the environment and nature conservation:‘The comprehensive collection of research expeditions over Russia’ (1819), ‘On the rights of animals’ (1903), ‘Water pollution by oil products and its affect on fish resources’ (1903), ‘Nature conservation in the world’ (1913), ‘Protection of nature monuments’ (1914). The regional sections covers the themes of research, geography, nature, history, climate, soils, nature conservation, fauna, flora, stock breeding, forestry, etc.

At present, the CSAL gains the status of the: 

  • state depository branch centre of the Russian and foreign sources (books, journals, newspapers, serials, videos, CD)
  • federal centre of branch bibliography,
  • scientific and methodical centre of the Russian library network,
  • international centre of document exchange in the CIS countries,
  • part of the AgroWeb Central and East European Network,
  • depository library of FAO publications.

The Library publishes a number of indices, 6 titles of abstract journals, including the quarterly journal ‘Ecological safety in agroindustrial complex’, a weekly bulletin of new acquisitions.

TheCentral Scientific Agricultural Library offers a wide range of services, among them: delivery of documents or their copies (within the Service of Electronic Document Delivery - EDD that provides remote users by electronic copies of sources from the library collection), compilation of subject, bibliographical, factographical and specifying references on agricultural issues, internet resources, purpose distribution of information upon actual requests of users, exhibition organization, lectures, scientific and practical conferences.


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