Results of the First Global Survey of IUCN Members

More than 500 members from all regions made their views known on their satisfaction as a member of IUCN in the first global Survey of IUCN Members.

The Voices of Members: Global Survey of IUCN Members

Overall, members believe in the concept of IUCN as a Union, find IUCN relevant to their work, and respect and value many aspects of the Union. Most however want significantly greater involvement than they currently experience and many are frustrated with their efforts to become more involved. Members indicate support for the Union and the potential of a member-based organization, but it is clear from their responses that, for many, IUCN falls short of fulfilling the ‘promise' of a member-based organization. The results of the Survey provide a compelling and rich basis for improvements to the management and governance of the Union. The Survey results will be taken up by a special Task Force of the IUCN Council and Secretariat that will develop a new Membership Strategy to be presented to the WCC in Barcelona in 2008. Download the Full Report (in English) or the Executive Summary in French or Spanish.

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