Report from the March IUCN workshop on criteria for delineating key biodiversity areas

The joint task force of the World Commission of protected Areas (WCPA) and the Species Survival Commission initiated the process of defining of Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) that contribute significantly to the global persistence of biodiversity. The initiative is not meant to duplicate but build upon some of the existing delineations like important plant, fungal and bird areas. 

group_picture_march_13_2.jpg Photo: Annabelle Cuttelod

The framing workshop at Cambridge UK in June 2012  prepared a preliminary road map to the delineation which was further fine tuned during the workshop held during 11 to 15 March 2013 at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, at Virginia, USA. The working papers prepared for the workshop delved on data deficiency situations and  availability of newer information  like the phylogenetic diversity and information at the sub-specific levels.

The workshop was organised with a major objective to develop criteria to identify KBAS and guidance for their  delineation and began with a very strong mindset to identify KBAs only on  the biological values, The CEESP representation in the workshop with some participants expressed an aspiration that it will be possible to reconsider by the workshop organizers, inclusion of social and ecological values and traditional knowledge systems in the delineations. It was hoped that  KBAs identified through the process would not lead to people and KBA conflicts.

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