Remembering Dra Ángela Leiva Sánchez

It is with great sadness and shock that SSC has learned of the death of Dra Ángela Leiva Sánchez, Chair of the Cuba Plant Specialist Group. Ángela was a committed leader of the conservation community in Cuba. Members of SSC remember her as a brave woman responsible for creating a community of botanists in Cuba that is very well organized and doing excellent work.

Ángela Teresita Leiva Sánchez

Ángela was thoroughly involved in the negotiation of the Global Plant Strategy for Plant Conservation and Jane Smart recalls Ángela as a great and forceful advocate for wild plant conservation. She was also a very good teacher who prepared a large group of young conservationists who will now continue her work.

SSC Chair, Dr Simon Stuart has sent condolences to Dra Ángela Leiva Sánchez’s family and colleagues on behalf of the Species Survival Commission of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). We shall remain forever grateful for the work that Dra Ángela Leiva Sánchez did as Chair of the IUCN SSC Cuban Plant Specialist Group. She leaves very large shoes to fill. If you would like to add some words of condolence or share your memories of Ángela, please post your text below.

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