Regional workshop for Important Plant Areas habitat mapping, 23-27 November 2015, Tolox (Spain)

The IUCN Centre of Mediterranean Cooperation in collaboration with the Biosphere Reserve of Sierra de las Nieves is organizing a 5 day regional workshop on Habitat mapping in Important Plant Areas (IPAs). This workshop’s main objective is to provide participants with practical knowledge to map habitats in IPAs, by providing both computer sessions and field work training.  

Pancratium maritimum, Important plant for Long Beach, Ulicnj (Montenegro)

 The technical training component will be provided by experts from the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh/Centre for Middle Eastern Plants (RBGE/CMEP) and about 20 participants from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Macedonia, Morocco, Montenegro and Tunisia will attend this workshop. The training will consist of providing the participants with basic skills in using free QGIS software, in addition to field survey techniques to verify habitat mapping, and to assess the utility of species data in verification and zoning plans.

After the training, the participants will be asked to map habitats in the selected IPAs using their newly acquired knowledge, with the purpose of helping management planning in those areas. The IPAS designated are: Jbel Bou-Naceur and IPA Eastern Atlas National Park in Morocco, Park National de Gouraya and IPA Aures-Cheila in Algeria, Sannine-Knaisseh and Nahr Ed-Damour in Lebanon.

This workshop is part of the activities scheduled in the project “Conserving wild plants and habitats for people across the Mediterranean” that started in September 2014. This project represents an ambitious initiative to develop plant conservation actions in the South and East of the Mediterranean region (including north Africa, middle east and Balkans) combining the experience and expertise of Plantlife International and IUCN.

For further information: Teresa Gil

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