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Laurie Bennet of Futerra Sustainability Communications in the UK challenged CEC to "make sustainability so desireable it becomes normal." Speaking at the CEC Steering Committee meeting on 14 April, he pointed participants to Futerra publications such as "Sell the Sizzle" and "New Rules New Game."

Sell the Sizzle - The New Climate Message


Futerra has been building up research and thought leadership on sustainability communications for the last eight years.

Most recent first...

Sell the Sizzle. The New Climate Message

In this guide we argue that climate change is no longer a scientist's problem, it's now a salesman's problem. We call upon government spokespeople, climate campaigners and business advertisers to stop selling visions of hell. Instead we must all create and sell a new vision of a' low carbon heaven'.

This guide is a new approach for us. Most of our previous thought leadership has been very practical - this is stronger, more opinioned and more controversial. There's still a lot of guidance and original research. But we're not pulling our punches. Download Sell the Sizzle report here.

The Greenwash Guide

Born out of a desire to help communications professionals get their green messaging right, the guide identifies the top ten signs of Greenwash, reveals how Greenwashing has grown over the last years, addresses the question of why Greenwash matters and what you can do about it. Versions of the report are also available for the USA and in French. Download the Greenwash Guide here.

10 Tips for Sustainability Communications

This is Futerra's bible. A postcard reminder of how to sell sustainability. Widely used and adopted by the UN's Environment Programme and elsewhere. Download The 10 Rules here.

Rules of the Game

Futerra and The UK Department for Environment published the Rules of the Game on 7 March 2005. The game is communicating climate change; the Rules will help us win it. The document was created as part of the UK Climate Change Communications Strategy. Download the Rules of the Game here.

Want to listen to Solis's speech at MIT on the Rules? Watch it here.

New Rules New Game

The same type of concise document as the previous Rules - but this time for changing climate behaviours. Download New Rules:New Game here.

Communicating Sustainability

Futerra, in partnership with the UN Environment Programme, published Communicating Sustainability: How to produce effective public campaigns in September 2005. The guide showcases innovative campaigns from every continent which have succeeded in making people think or behave differently towards the environment. It has now been downloaded over 700,000 times from the UNEP website!

Available for download here in English, French or Spanish.

Words that Sell

This guide to the language of sustainability asks some hard questions. Based on valuable focus group research, Words That Sell identifies the good, the bad, and the ugly of green and ethical terminology. Download Words that Sell here.

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