Recent activity of the IUCN Private Sector Task Force

Background:  The current IUCN Council has set up the Private Sector Task Force “ to learn from and continue to improve on IUCN's engagement with the private sector, and to propose revisions to the Guidelines as appropriate”.

Immediately prior to the November 09 IUCN Council meeting a workshop was held for members of the Task Force and other interested members of Council. Then a report was presented to and discussed by the CEESP Executive Committee meeting in Bangkok 27-28 November 2009.

For the Task Force it is planned that in 2009 - 2012 work will be undertaken on:

  • revision of the 2004 Strategy for Engagement with the Private Sector
  • revisions to the Private Sector Operating Guidelines, and
  • improving strategies for Members and Commissions communication on Private Sector engagement

As the Chair I want the Task Force to clarify policy and contribute to strategy that enhances gains for biodiversity and the environment in ways that continue to seek private sector opportunities, but as well, reduce the risk of controversies. I promote aiming to progress private sector engagement to where IUCN is universally recognised for setting high standards and for achieving significant outcomes.

Membership engagement is a key issue as Members and Commissions bring global information and insights. And to start right there, I would like to ask if anyone knows of a database assessing the initiatives e.g. codes of conduct, certification schemes, working groups, self-assessments and information services , that private sector entities have signed to. Such a database exists for civil society organisations (see and it would be valuable to know if such database exists for the private sector.

Diana Shand IUCN Regional Councillor and Chair – Private Sector Task Force


Work area: 
Social Policy
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