Re-Introducing the Near East Foundation

CEC member Medani Prasad Bhandari provides an update on his volunteer work with the Near East Foundation as he completes his dissertation at Syracuse University in the United States.

Near East Foundation: Partners in Community Development since 1915 Photo: NEF

I have served for two decades as a chair and co-founder of a Nepal-based NGO -- the Association for Protection of Environment and Culture (APEC-Nepal), which operates environmental conservation and social empowerment programs in Nepal, India and Bangladesh. I am currently voluntarily serving the Near East Foundation as an environment management, climate change and socio-economic expert.

The Near East Foundation (NEF) was founded in the United States in 1915, as a non-profit with the principal objectives of humanitarian relief and social development. NEF’s major focus is societal empowerment that includes several aspects (social justice and empowerment to address poverty and the challenges of global environmental change; with a focus on biodiversity, climate change, international issues on waters and land degradation), in which the contemporary world needs to work on cooperatively and collectively.

The NEF has a strong foundation of collaborative work particularly in Africa, the Middle East and are willing to expand its programs to other locations. NEF would like to offer our expertise to empower the social wellbeing of marginalized world society. At present, we are also looking for potential funding for the ongoing projects, as well as for the planned programs.

NEF is interested in being a part of the global non-profit community and is also open to working collaboratively with you.

I look forward to a future collaboration in order to achieve the common goal of social empowerment and sustainability.

Please feel free to contact me or our team in the U.S., or any other project offices for additional information.



Medani P. Bhandari
Environment, Climate Change and Socio-economic Expert,
Near East Foundation
Syracuse, NY

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