Raising Awareness about Biodiversity

Youths nowadays have grown up amid serious environmental issues relatively known to the previous generations. 


 From the belief in the role of youth in biodiversity conservation, IUCN ROWA hosted students from the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) in its office in Amman on the 8th of July, 2014 to shed lights on IUCN’s work and raise their awareness about the importance of biodiversity conservation.

The meeting aimed at integrating youth in nature conservation and enlightening them about environmental issues in Middle East and North Africa Region.

The IUCN ROWA programmes introduced students  in general about its work in the region and its role in conserving nature and integrating different stakeholders in ecosystems management. The importance of biodiversity in our lives and how every decision we take affects biodiversity was also discussed.

At the end, IUCN volunteers highlighted their experience further encouraging students to volunteer with IUCN and other environmental NGOs aiming at being part of an informed new generation that acts as change agents for biodiversity conservation.

West Asia
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