Questionnaire on Environmental Problems and Survival of Humankind

CEC members are invited to take this survey! Its results present an interesting barometer of global opinions on environmental issues over 20 years. Shared with CEC by Dr. Sue Mainka, Head, IUCN Science and Knowledge Management.

Questionnaire on Environmental Problems and the Survival of Humankind by the Asahi Glass Foundation Photo: Asahi Glass Foundation

Request to IUCN for Participation in the Questionnaire on Environmental Problems and the Survival of Humankind by the Asahi Glass Foundation

To our friends and associates,

Since 1992, we have conducted a survey by sending a questionnaire entitled Environmental Problems and the Survival of Humankind. This questionnaire was designed to gauge the perceptions of environmental experts for environmental problems from both governmental and private sector organizations around the world. By conducting the survey and analyzing and publishing the results, the Asahi Glass Foundation hopes to help generate interest in environmental issues. We are pleased that the survey has gained major media coverage.

Please answer the survey questions from a personal position and not from a professional position. Please note that the deadline for completing the survey is May 31.

From this year, the introduction of a Web response system has made it possible to respond online. For the access to the Web response system, click here. Or, please enter the Asahi Glass Foundation homepage. There is a link in of top page either "For Online File" or "News".

IUCN Respondent’s ID is: IUCN2011

Since we are moving to a unified Web response system in the future, we encourage you to respond online if at all possible. If you wish to respond using printed copy of an answer sheet of our questionnaire, please e-mail us at for a printed material of the questionnaire, we will send it to you right away.

The results of the 2011 Questionnaire on Environmental Problems and the Survival of Humankind can be found on our web site in September. We at the Asahi Glass Foundation would like to thank you very much for your kind cooperation as we continue to monitor opinions on environmental issues around the world.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

*Please address queries regarding how to use the system to the customer support at Yoshida Printing Inc.:
E-mail: afsurvey-support@yosh...

*For inquiries regarding the survey questions, please contact The Asahi Glass Foundation at:


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