Protecting the White Stork in Poland

The Wildlife Society “Bocian” (meaning “White Stork”) has recently released a handbook on measures to protect the White Stork. The publication is primarily addressed to local authorities and veterinarians.

Wounded stork

The White Stork is one of the most popular bird species of Poland and, as it often nests close to human habitations, contact with people is not infrequent. The association “Bocian”, whose work is dedicated to the protection of this species, very often receives questions from a variety of actors, including private citizens, local authorities, energy companies, on several issues related to this bird. Questions deal with protection of nests, safety of young, migration, wintering and so on.

In order to try and answer these questions, “Bocian” has produced this booklet which provides information and guidance on some basic problems and possible solutions. The guide can be used by local authorities, electricity companies, nature scientists etc., and can also be useful for those lucky enough to have a stork nest on their house.

It is hoped that the handbook will help people better understand the behaviour of this species, give answers to some basic questions on their protection and advise on emergency situations where professional help needs to be sought.

The authors of the booklet are both ornithologists with on-the-ground experience, as well as experts from other fields.

More information here.

The publication is available on in Polish here

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