Protected Landscapes & Wild Bidoversity

Protected landscapes and seascapes (IUCN category V) are protected areas where long established management systems play a critical conservation role in culturally-influenced ecosystems. Proponents claim that the category V approach can benefit both people and wildlife. 

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But we have little quantitative information on wild biodiversity conservation in category V. A new volume from IUCN and GIZ, produced by the WCPA Protected Landscapes Specialist Group, provides the first global survey of wild biodiversity conservation in protected landscapes and seascapes, with detailed case studies from Croatia, Spain, Germany, Mozambique, Colombia, Mexico, India and Canada.

The research shows that category V protected areas can – if managed sensitively and effectively – be effective vehicles for biodiversity conservation. It also shows that communities living in and around such areas are often deeply committed to the maintenance of natural values. The book includes a more general global assessment and a detailed list of recommendations.

Protected Landscapes and Wild Biodiversity, edited by Nigel Dudley and Sue Stolton, “Values of Protected Landscapes and Seascapes volume 3”, series editors Thora Amend, Jessica Brown, Ashish Kothari, Adrian Phillips and Sue Stolton, IUCN and GIZ. Copies are available from

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