Promoting interdisciplinary cooperation on trans-boundary water resources management through dialogues

In a bid to provide a solid foundation for on-going cooperation on ecosystem sustainability across a wide range of stakeholders from Bangladesh and India, the Ecosystems for Life organized a series of dialogues and consultations in Bangkok, Thailand from 10 – 13 December 2013.


Seven meetings titling Multi- stakeholder discussion: focusing on lives and livelihoods in chars, Ecosystem Based Adaptation in the GBM: Opportunities and Challenges, Consultation on Energy Security in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna Region, Consultation on Sustainable Livelihood Options for Fisheries: Opportunities & Challenges, Technical Roundtable: Dimensions of River Morphology in the GBM Region, Developing a Shared Vision for GBM Region and Sharing Experiences: Regional Initiatives in GBM Region were held during the days. This was a unique opportunity to discuss at a track III level in addressing the crucial links between climate change, biodiversity, ecosystem services and sustainable resource management in the GBM region. Presenters and discussants were invited from a range of disciplines to broaden horizons and to promote new interdisciplinary cooperation on trans-boundary water resources management in the GBM region. Stories of success and resilience from the region were disseminated, and experiences were shared in the meetings. Apart from the formal sessions, participants from both countries had opportunities to interact at a personal level through various group works.

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