Proceedings of the regional workshop on trade in corals and determining non-detrimental findings

This report is divided into four sections. Part I provides an introduction to the coral trade in the Pacific, while Part II contains presentations by individual government representatives. Part III provides a summary of management instruments, particularly in relation to NDFs and the establishment of quotas. Part IV provides a short discussion on issues.

coral_proceedings_web_1.jpg Photo: SPC

The Regional Workshop on Trade in Corals and Determining Non-detrimental Findings was held on 17–20 May 2010 in the Solomon Islands to identify issues with regard to the trade in corals (and other marine species), but also to assist Pacific Island countries and territories to comply with important elements of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), particularly with regard to conducting non-detriment findings.

This workshop was facilitated by SPC, SPREP, the CITES Secretariat and IUCN’s Species Officer, Helen Pippard, and attended by government representatives from the Pacific.

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North America
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