Preliminary investigation of options for an Independent Inspection/Grievance Panel to assist in resolving human rights complaints against conservation activities

An analysis of options for establishing an Independent Inspection/Grievance/Advisory Panel for evaluating human rights complaints against conservation projects and protected areas has been prepared by CEESP TGER to provide important inputs into analyses being developed for re-imagining conservation with social justice.

This initial analysis developed by TGER member O.J.Lynch, J.D., offers options for an independent panel that can assist local people having complaints about conservation activities by bringing them into a process that will assist them, conservation agencies, and governments to open dialogues and bring redress if needed. The panel responsibilities would include: assessing complaints, visiting countries, sometimes convene dialogues, and issuing recommendations.

Human rights complaints against conservation and protected areas have been raised for many decades, most recently in Nepal where the Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples filed a finding and recommendation that the protected areas policies and laws should be revised to prevent the current human rights abuses in the conservation context in Nepal. With the incorporation of UNDRIP in 2008, IUCN accepted its duty-bearer responsibilities to handle human rights complaints against conservation. There is as yet no independent mechanism in place to handle these complaints. Development of an Independent Inspection/Grievance/Advisory Panel would enable IUCN and its members to fulfil their human rights duty-bearer responsibilities in a transparent way. The IUCN-led Conservation Initiative on Human Rights (CIHR) envisions self-monitoring by the IUCN secretariat and seven major conservation NGOs, and is using this study as input into their workplans for supporting rights-based approaches to conservation.

The full analysis will be posted on the CEESP website, and is entitled: TOWARDS CONSERVATION AND JUSTICE: Options for Collaborative Efforts by IUCN to Address Human Rights Concerns and Complaints Related to Conservation Initiatives, prepared for CEESP by Owen J.Lynch, J.D.

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Social Policy
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