Powered by Nature launches new campaign: Join the webinar

 An intensive workshop with award winners will culminate in the launch of a new Powered by Nature campaign. Join the launch via webinar.

Commission on Education and Communication

From CEC member Wiebke Herding of Powered by Nature

The mission: Create a joint communications campaign for a future powered by nature
One week. Eleven participants. Plenty of ideas. Now let’s make it happen.

A workshop gathering the winners of the 2013 Powered by Nature Awards is being held August 26-30 in the Netherlands. This intense week of creative collaboration and play enables the group to refine, implement and integrate the best aspects of their ideas into a joint social media campaign on energy and nature.

Read about the workshop on this blog

Join Powered by Nature for the public launch of the campaign Thursday, August 29th at 15:00 CET. Here's the link for the webinar.

 The ‘Powered by Nature’ award is a joint project of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication and Alcoa Foundation, supported by IUCN European Union Representative Office.

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