POSTER: Strategy and action plan on conservation of biodiversity in Turkey

This poster is a tribute to the successful efforts of Turkey in preserving the integrity of its natural assets despite increasing environmental challenges. To achieve this, Turkey has successfully developed and implemented formalized land-tenure systems, institutions for managing biological diversity and environmentally friendly cultural practices.

Landscape, Turkey Photo: Adem AGIR
  • DATE: 11 Sep 2012
  • TIME: 13:00 - 14:30
  • ROOM: A - Lobby 3rd floor

In regards to its biological diversity, Turkey has the characteristics of a small continent. There are three separate biogeographical and climactic zones all within a relatively small geographic area. Turkey has forest, mountain, steppe, wetland and coastal and marine ecosystems in a number of combinations. The three main regions known as the Euro-Siberian, the Mediterranean and the Irano-Turanian and its distinct geographic location have positioned Turkey as a bridge between two continents.

This poster is organized by the Turkish Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs. The focal point is the IUCN National Committee of Turkey.

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