Policy Matters 18 - Macroeconomics Policies, Livelihoods and Sustainability- available to download

Policy Matters 18: Macroeconomic Policies, Livelihoods and Sustainability

CEESP Policy Matters 18 Cover

PM18 was launched at a special function with CEESP Executive Committee members, IUCN Councillors and Secretariat staff in New Delhi, India on 9 November 2011. IUCN DG Julia Marton-Lefevre launched the edition together with PM18 Guest Editor, Alejandro Nadal (Co-Chair of TEMTI) and Aroha Mead, Chair of CEESP. One of the contributing authors, Aseem Shrivastava fron India was also present.

In the foreword to PM18 Aroha Mead writes" ..the whole field of macroeconomics is usually seen as a discipline that only experts in central banks or the treasury department are able to understand. In many ways this explains why the most important decisions in economic policy are left to the experts while the rest of the population passively acquiesces and submits to these policy priorities... Very few policy oriented studies have been carried out on the direct and indirecty impacts that macroeconomic policies have on sustainability."

Alejandro Nadal (Editor and contributing author) notes in the introduction, "The world is caught in the deepest financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression. The extraordinary expansion of the financial sector over the past three decades has given way to a crippled financial system with wealth destruction going into the trillions. Astronomical financial rescue packages (bailouts) will leave an ugly scar that will mark fiscal policies well into the next decade."

This special edition of Policy Matters, launched in New Delhi in November 2011, provides case studies in Meso and South America (Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, and India). It is fascinating reading! 

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