Policy makers urged to look at role environment plays in supporting communities

The importance of biodiversity and ecosystems to economies around the world is the focus of a series of five reports from the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) study. The latest TEEB report, tailored for policy makers, is released today.

Wood yard, Nam Dinh Forest Products Joint Stock Company, Vietnam

TEEB is a major international initiative, of which IUCN is an integral part, which brings together expertise from the fields of science, economics and policy to draw attention to the economic benefits of biodiversity and the financial impact if we don’t protect species and the natural world.

This latest report is geared towards national and international policy makers, to make them aware of the critical role that environmental systems play in supporting communities, be they large or small.

Joshua Bishop, IUCN’s Chief Economist, says “with the global economic crisis, the time is right for policy makers to look for new ways to kick start their economies and to renew employment whilst, at the same time, protecting the environment. The TEEB report should show them how to do that." [media:245]

An interim report, released in May 2008, showed how the degradation of biodiversity and ecosystems can significantly compromise economic growth and efforts to reduce poverty.

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