Plant for the future in Lagos, Nigeria

Young people are learning about nature through an advocacy programme of the Ministry of the Environment of Lagos State, with Nature Cares, an NGO run by CEC member Toyin Oshaniwa.

Nature Cares promotes the greening of learning for employability of youth in Nigeria. Photo: Nature Cares

By Toyin Oshaniwa, CEC member


The future generation must have a good and participative understanding of the state of the nature or the diversity of life around their immediate environment, or the future will not be there to meet their needs. Plant for the future is a young way of conserving and supporting the life in the school environment.


Education is one of the strongest key or strategy in attaining a sustainable future. Education is the strong pillar for CEC and IUCN. The story of Biodiversity Education is one of the topic under the school advocacy programme of the Ministry of The Environment, Lagos State and in collaboration with other NGOS, such as Nature Cares.

The focus this year is on Education for Sustainable Development (Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development, Biodiversity Education for Sustainable Development and other related Environmental Education.

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