Photography exhibition on Pakistan’s Coastal Ecosystem - an MFF- Pakistan Small Grants event

Environmental degradation needs to be combated at the governmental and community levels.

Federal Secretary National Disaster Management Muhammad Javed Malik said that environmental degradation is a big challenge, which has to be prioritised at the governmental as well as community level.

pk_mff_pgex1.jpg Photo: © Cactus Digital for MFF- Pakistan

He expressed these views during his inaugural visit as an NCB- Chair for MFF- Pakistan at a photography exhibition titled “Echoes of the Tides”. The exhibition was organised by Cactus Digital with the support of MFF Small Grants programme here on the 6th of March at Pak American Culture Centre with the focus on Pakistan’s coastal ecosystems.

Some 36 photos were displayed in the exhibition depicting the coastal life and importance of mangroves. Syed Jamshyd Masood is a leading environmental photographer of Pakistan, who has traveled across the country’s coast to capture these images.

Acclaiming the work of Syed Jamshyd Masood, the secretary said the work is remarkable in terms of garnering attention to this important issue. He said the rising population has caused massive environment pollution, adding that the role of community is equally important as the government authorities. Mr.Malik laid emphasis on addressing environmental issues in order to revive the entire ecosystem to its prior state.

Through “Echoes of the Tides” Jamshyd unfolds the panorama of Pakistan’s coastline, and then brings to light the life dotted all along it. Be it the majestic mangroves, the marine and bird life that they nurture, or the men and women whose lives are intertwined with this habitat, Jamshyd’s lens opens allow us to appreciate the wonders in our midst.

Mangroves are a very important part of our environment, especially the coastal ecology and Jamshyd’s  striking visuals will go a long way in raising awareness on this significant environmental issue. 

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