Partnership between Holcim and IUCN renewed

IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and Holcim have decided to renew a partnership agreement set up to protect biodiversity at Holcim’s quarries around the world. The partnership, which began in 2007, has been extended for a further three years.


Extraction of mineral resources in quarries can impact biodiversity in surrounding areas, meaning that protecting biodiversity is a constantly evolving challenge. Recommendations from a panel of IUCN experts following numerous site visits led to the development of a Group strategy and a biodiversity management system. In a number of countries, Holcim has also worked together with IUCN at a local level – including in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Spain and China.

The partnership is also intended to further the exchange of experience with third parties. Holcim and IUCN have made the recommendations public with the aim of stimulating discussion and encouraging other companies to follow Holcim’s example.

An independent review has found that the main objectives of the partnership agreement between IUCN and Holcim have been fulfilled. The further cooperation aims to ensure that by 2013, Holcim will achieve its target of having a plan to protect biodiversity at 80 percent of its quarries in environmentally sensitive areas. Additional topics of the cooperation include defining indicators for measuring the success of the biodiversity management system, and developing a water management program.

For more information or to set up interviews, please contact:
Nicki Chadwick, IUCN Media Relations Officer, t +41 22 999 0229, m +41 79 528 3486  e [email protected] 
Holcim Corporate Communications, t +41 58 858 87 10




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