Parks Journal 20.1

Edited by Sue Stolton and Nigel Dudley, Equilibrium Research and IUCN WCPA

PARKS 20.1 cover Photo: IUCN

The promise of Sydney : an editorial essay Trevor Sandwith,, Ernesto Enkerlin, Kathy MacKinnon, Diana Allen, Angela Andrade, Tim Badman, Tom Brooks, Paula Bueno, Kathryn Campbell, Jamison Ervin, Dan Laffoley, Terence Hay-Edie, Marc Hockings, Stig Johansson, Karen Keenleyside, Penny Langhammer, Eduard Mueller, Tanya Smith, Marjo Vierros, Leigh Welling, Stephen Woodley and Nigel Dudley 

Community involvement and joint operations aid effective anti-poaching in Tanzania Wayne Lotter and Krissie Clark

Successful community engagement and implementation of a conservation plan in the Solomon Islands: a local perspective Jimmy Kereseka

Fire management in a changing landscape: a case study from Lopé National Park, Gabon Kathryn J. Jeffery, Lisa Korte, Florence Palla, Gretchen Walters, Lee J.T. White and Kate A. Abernethy

Visitors’ characteristics and attitudes towards Iran’s national parks and participatory conservation Mahdi Kolahi, Tetsuro Sakai, Kazuyuki Moriya, Masatoshi Yoshikawa and Stanko Trifkovic

Realizing the potential of protected areas as natural solutions for climate change adaptation: insights from Kenya and the Americas Karen Keenleyside, Marie-Josée Laberge, Carol Hall, John Waithaka, Edwin Wanyony, Erustus Kanga, Paul Udoto, Mariana Bellot Rojas, Carlos Alberto Cifuentes Lugo, Andrew John Rhodes Espinoza, Fernando Camacho Rico, Juan Manuel Frausto Leyva, Diego Flores Arrate, Andres Meza, Edna María Carolina Jaro Fajardo and Claudia Sánchez

The European NATURA 2000 protected area approach: a practitioner’s perspective Roger Crofts

Patterns and extent of threats to the protected areas of Bangladesh: the need for a relook at conservation strategies Mohammad Shaheed Hossain Chowdhury, Nahid Nazia, Shigeyuki Izumiyama, Nur Muhammed and Masao Koike

Temperate indigenous grassland gains in South Africa: lessons being learned in a developing country Clinton Carbutt and Greg Martindale

Work area: 
Protected Areas
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