Pangani river system : state of the basin report - 2007, Tanzania

Author(s): IUCN, Eastern Africa Regional Programme ; IUCN, Water and Nature Initiative ; Pangani Basin Water Office (PBWO), TZ
Published: 2007
ISBN: 978-2-8317-0977-2
Pangani river system : state of the basin report - 2007 Photo: IUCN

Moshi, TZ : PBWO ; Nairobi, KN : Eastern Africa Regional Programme, 2007. 48p. : ill.

This publication has been prepared as part of the Flow Assessment Component of the Pangani River Basin Management Project. Its aim is to collect and synthesize present knowledge on the Pangani River system and its users, and to help promote an integrated approach to future water-allocation decisions. It reports on the condition of the river system in the 2006 dry and wet seasons and identifies key areas of concern. It also highlights the relationships between the river and the people of the basin, reports on their wellbeing and begins to explore their sensitivity to changes in flow and ecosystem condition. The knowledge will be used to guide future research on the river and its users, and to develop a simple decision-making tool that can aid decisions on a fair balance between water development and protection of the river’s resources.

Note: Includes bibliographic references

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