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In between the four-yearly World Conservation Congresses the highest decision-making organ in the Union is the Council, which is elected for an intersessional period (from one Congress to the next). The Council includes the President of IUCN, the Treasurer, the Chairs of the six Commissions, 24 elected Regional Councillors, a representative of Switzerland (the country in which IUCN has its seat), and up to five appointed Councillors.

Coverage of IUCN's Pan-European Programme

The Council typically meets twice a year, and oversees the work of the Union within the framework decided by the Members at Congress: it appoints the Director General, reviews the work of the Commissions, approves annual and financial reports and budgets of the Union’s secretariat, and so on. Notably, the Council also admits new Members to IUCN and recognizes National and Regional Committees.

The second Council meeting (after the 2008 World Congress in Barcelona) is taking place on the 16-18th November 2009 at IUCN Headquarters in Gland, Switzerland.

The six elected Regional Councillors for Pan-Europe include:

1. Amirkhan Amirkanov , Acting Director, Department of the State Environmental Policy in the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation

2. Hans De Longh Head, International Co-operation, Institute of Environmental Sciences, University of Leiden, the Netherlands

3. Vilmos Kiszel President of the Board of Trustees, CEO of the Göncöl Foundation, Hungary

4. Christophe Lefebvre President of the Conseil National de la protection de la nature, France

5. Kalev Sepp Professor of Landscape Management and Nature Conservation at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia

6. Marina von Weissenberg , Senior adviser, Ministry of the Environment, Finland

While Willy Geiger is the representative of the Swiss Confederation to the IUCN Council DETEC, Vice Director Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland

The Regional Councillors for Pan Europe have been working on a number of issues including improving communication between Council and the members of IUCN and also following up on some of the key motions that were approved at the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona in October 2008. (Please note that texts of all the adopted resolutions and recommendations have been published on the IUCN website).

One of the key issues that will be discussed at this Council meeting is the location of the next World Conservation Congress in 2012


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