Pace Law School hosts International Symposium on Environmental Courts and Tribunals

More than 50 nations have created specialized environmental courts and tribunals to give priority attention to enforcing these laws.

Participants to the symposium explored what measures are needed to sustain and enhance the work of the judiciary, in order to strengthen the rule of law and access to environmental justice in environmental matters.

IJIEA Conference 4.1.11 Photo: Pace University Law School

The symposium discussed IUCN’s proposal to establish an International Judicial Institute for Environmental Adjudication, to be presented to the United Nations Summit planned for June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, “Rio+20” and launched first continuing judicial education programs.

The Institute — a collaboration between Pace Law School, IUCN’s Commission on Environmental Law and Environmental Law Institute — will develop a cohesive international community of environmental judges, scholars and court administrators to promote the highest standards of environmental justice, protection and conservation.

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Environmental Law
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