Our Members in News: Emirates Environmental Group Joins Forces with FARNEK to Accelerate Climate Protection Awareness

 In an attempt to fight the current climate crisis on the professional and practical level, Emirates Environmental Group, with UN Global Compact Network and supported by FARNEK Total Facilities Management conducted a one-day “Climate Protection Workshop” on the 19th of June 2014 in Dubai.

Emirates Environmental Group Logo Photo: Emirates Environmental Group

With the recent evidence of raised atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and the drastic change in weather patterns, the risk to our agriculture, food and water supplies has reached a high. It is prime time for businesses to understand the risks, opportunities, strategies and resilience methodologies. Over 30 participants, ranging from managers and developers, to municipalities and educators, were in attendance of this significant endeavor.

The session began with an introduction by Mrs. Habiba Al Marashi, Chairperson of EEG and President of UNGC Network Gulf States. She outlined the objectives of EEG and of the UN Global Compact and addressed current issues on the future of sustainability, including Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. Following Mrs. Habiba’s Al Marashi’s opening, Consultancy Director of Farnek continued the session by giving a presentation of climate protection strategies and climate responsible supply chain.

The workshop followed this theme, setting the base for equipping delegates with an in-depth understanding of climate change and mitigation tools. The session covered the role of companies and was inclusive of a comparison between environmental certifications such as ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. Participants were keen on learning the benefits of energy monitoring and how one can reduce their CO2 emission impact.

The workshop also involved interactive activities and exercises revolving around carbon offsetting and individualized strategies on how to integrate climate protection in one’s work place. The benefit of the Climate Protection Workshop proved to be not only informative, but also useful in the practicality of strategic management of the issue.

The conclusion of the integrative session gifted a keenness to take an active role in combating the climate crisis that we are all being faced with.

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