Our Members in News: Bahrain Women Association Celebrates World Environment Day - Raise your Voice, Not the Sea Level

Environmental Citizenship Program of Bahrain Women Association in collaboration with Arab Young Climate Change Movement (AYCM) celebrated the World Environment Day (WED) 2014 with the Green Club members at Royal University for Women in the Kingdom of Bahrain on June 5th.

Round Table Discussion Photo: Bahrain Women Association for Human Development (BWA)

The event started with an introductory clip about WED and the effects of sea rise in all aspects of our lives, let alone the small Islands. Participants were surprised to learn that climate change and environmental issues had come the lowest rank in the "MY WORLD" UNEP survey. From this point, the facilitators leaded the discussion.

The discussion was around two main points, where the first point was about why should we care?. This question aimed at enlightening the audience that although, Gulf countries, do not encounter difficulties in obtaining basic living needs and some live extravagant life style, one has to think of other nations because we are all citizens of this universe and a wrong action here affects another nation at the other side of the globe.

Discussing this point leaded to the second point where participants realized that any small or big action will certainly contribute to the worldwide efforts towards sustaining the resources of this planet as well as ensuring a better life for generations to come. Emphasis was given to individual behaviors those results directly or indirectly to the phenomena of sea level rise.

The event concluded with each participant pin in his/her town of residence on Bahrain map, for them to realize how far their places are from the sea shores and how the lives' of those closer to the shore are under risk. They were also encouraged to submit a pledge/commitment to become, somehow, eco-friendly citizens.

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