Our Members in News: Al Shouf Cedar Society Will Launch A Reforestation Initiative

The blossoms of the hot summer bloom in our Shouf region to nourish the Shouf Biosphere Reserve with serious of events that will be launched with the restoration event in June 5, 2014 in Byblos Bank Headquarter, Ashrafieh under the title: “Byblos bank - Shouf Biosphere Reserve, Bio – Corridor, Reforestation Initiative”

Shouf Biosphere Reserve

 Nowadays, the effects of combined ecological, socio-economic, and cultural modifications have dramatically increased the vulnerability of Mediterranean socio-ecosystems. These factors, combined with water deficit, extreme weather events, and large-scale disturbances due to climate change are causing irreversible shifts towards undesirable conditions – the point of “no-return” and to fight this drastic reality by Restoration.

The restoration site within the Shouf Biosphere Reserve will create an ecological corridor that addresses the need to build “disturbance-smart” socio-ecosystems at the landscape level, and the urgent necessity to restore ecosystem connectivity and functionality, through the implementation of pilot fieldwork in priority sites in the cedar forests.

This bio-corridor connects the western side of the reserve with the Shouf Mountains, increasing biodiversity, supporting ecological processes, promoting sustainable land uses and cultural practices, and enhancing landscape resilience to climate change. All restoration work should give priority to the regeneration of the relic cedar forest, the diversification of natural habitats, and the preservation of threatened species.
So far, the restoration work has been implemented in even sites along the corridor, with a mix of forestation and landscape restoration techniques, for a total of approximately 47 Hectares.

Bearing this in mind and taking into consideration the authentic environmental image of Byblos bank that is prominent and innovative in supporting restoration and planting cedar trees in particular since 2005 through the remarkable Byblos Bank Eternal Corner in the Shouf Biosphere Reserve to bond certain clients forever with their homeland, Byblos Bank will generously take a forward huge step in supporting reforestation initiative in the Shouf Biosphere Reserve and guard with all devotion and care the implementation of additional 10 hectares in the Biosphere.

"In supporting the reforestation of Lebanon's cedars, Bank Byblos is playing a pioneering role in partnering with groups like the Shouf Cedar Reserve and committed municipalities of the region for successful reforestation. The Lebanon Reforestation Initiative, the United States Agency for International Development and the US Forest Service are all proud to be associated with Bank Byblos in promoting public-private partnerships that make a meaningful difference for Lebanon's forests and Lebanon's future."- Richard Paton, Lebanon Reforestation Initiative – Project Director said.

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