Open day workshop and General Assembly of the IUCN Spanish National Committee, May 15-17

It is from the 15th to the 17th of May in Plasencia, a Spanish municipality of Cáceres province, that the IUCN Spanish National Committee organizes an open day workshop and the General Assembly of IUCN Members. The first objective of this day is to spread the knowledge of IUCN and its Spanish Members in the eyes of the local population: the fight against the loss of biodiversity, and the delaying of the effects of climate change. Finally, it is a question of pointing out the efforts made by the Spanish administrations and environmental organizations, and especially in the framework of international compromises related to nature conservation and the fight against global change, under IUCN.

Cabra Montés Photo: Antonio Pulido

The workshop is devoted to local actors involved in protected areas management, sustainable development or forest management, but also NGO Members, students or any person interested in climate change, conservation or sustainable development. The meeting envisages a workshop about land stewardship, which will take place in Monfragüe National Park.

The General Assembly will have to take important decisions, like deciding the renewal of the board of directors, or bring some changes of status, proposed by previous assemblies. Among others, we note the possible insertion of observers in the Committee. In addition, according to the availabilities of participants, we will have the occasion to have first-hand information about the progress made by the different IUCN Commissions and offices.

For further informations: Ana Correa


Picture: Cabra Montés © Antonio Pulido



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