One Day Action Plan of IDDV

A one day workshop was organized by IUCN Pakistan under its Balochistan Partnership for Sustainable Development (BPSD) programme on 3rd November 2011 at the Serena Hotel Quetta.

Participants of the IDDV workshop

The objective of the seminar was to development an Action Plan for the implementation of Integrated District Development Vision of Quetta district which was developed by IUCN under its BPSD program. A Vision is the process of developing an integrated approach and is used as an expression for a desired future condition which a nation or region envisages to attain, allowing an acceptable course of action to be taken for its achievement. It’s the vision that tends to mobilize people and their physical, environmental and political resources to achieve their basic goals. The Integrated District Development Vision (IDDV) is shared with maximum number of people. The shared vision imparts courage and determination to achieve it.

Planning pro-activity helps in achieving these goals in a timely and cost effective way. It reduces the problems by addressing them with people from varied walks of life. It is therefore; crucial that a vision is developed and disseminated for its sustainable development through a wide consultative process. Integrated District Development Vision is the only way to capture local and collective thinking, and involve various other stakeholders.

Mr Zabardast Khan Bangash gave a brief presentation on Integrated District Development Vision (IDDV), he elaborated on important features of the process of IDDV of Quetta District and  included a broad-based consultative process which should be undertaken with the stakeholders. The initiative was launched in a consultative workshop in Quetta. The most important information and direction comes from the law-makers, religious leaders, tribal elders, Nazims, DCOs, secretaries and other senior officials of the provincial and federal Government agencies. Some pertinent observations were made by the civil society organizations and the representatives of academia and members of the media.         

In the workshop, the Implementation mechanism and action plan was devised for all six sectors and various interventions against each sector wise were proposed with possible partners through group work, The main sectors included were Governance , Social  Green  Economic Development, Environment and Disaster sector.

It is worth mentioning that Integrated District Development Vision (IDDV) has already been officially approved and owned by District administration Quetta which has agreed upon its implementation and incorporation of proposed recommendations. The authority is also of the opinion that in future the such development schemes will be planned beforehand and will be included in Annual Development programs and PSDP schemes. The sector-wise group-work was facilitated by Mr. Mehboob Ali Environmental Governance Officer and Mr, Naseebullah District coordinator BPSD Quetta

The participants of the workshop were representatives from the provincial and District Government, Civil Society organizations, Academia and media representatives.

Mr. Zabardast Khan Bangash, Manager; Balochistan Programme of IUCN Pakistan thanked the participants for their participation and efforts for participating in the action plan.

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