October 2011: Ecosystem services conference

Are CEC members enaged in any activities or initiatives concerning the assessment or valuation of ecosystem services? Please contact the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management.

CEM logo Photo: IUCN

4-7 October 2011, Wageningen, the Netherlands

There is a growing demand for integrating ecosystem services research into policy and practice. The Ecosystem Services Partnership seeks to enhance this integration by coordinating collaborative efforts on ecosystem services at the global, national and local level. The Ecosystem Services Partnership is a network organization that will link practitioners, researchers, and stakeholders around the world who are working toward better understanding, modeling, valuation and management of ecosystem services and natural capital.

From 4-7 October 2011, the Ecosystem Services Partnership will organize its 4th International conference “Ecosystem Services: integrating Science and Practice”, hosted by Wageningen University.

In addition to the conference a Professional Training Course will be organized in cooperation with the Institute for Environmental Studies (Free University of Amsterdam) and the PE&RC and SENSE Research Schools. This course will take place in Wageningen and Amsterdam from Monday 3th till Sunday 9th October.


  1. Are CEC members enaged in any activities or initiatives concerning the assessment and/or valuation of ecosystem services?
  2. Are there some databases, existing or being assembled, which could be used for ecosystem services assessment/valuation for a given biome/ecosystem?

If you answer 'yes' to the above, kindly contact IUCN CEM member David Vackar at david.vackar@czp.cuni.cz. Please provide details. He will be compiling this information for use at the conference.


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