A Note from Rod Abson, CEC Focal Point

Rod Abson, CEC Focal Point and IUCN Science and Learning Officer, greets the membership and lists recent activities.

IUCN Science and Learning Officer and CEC Focal Point Photo: Rod Abson

Dear CEC members,

I am very pleased to be the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) Focal Point in the IUCN Secretariat, having worked closely over the past several months with the Steering Committee, other IUCN offices, as well as many CEC members. At the IUCN office in Gland, Switzerland, I am part of the CEC team with Cecilia Nizzola-Tabja, CEC Membership Liaison Officer, and Wendy Price of the Science and Learning Unit. This position provides me with an opportunity to engage with the CEC membership and work together with you on advancing the contribution of the Commission to the IUCN Programme.

I have worked closely with various members of CEC on initiatives including:

  1. Preparing the CEC team to CBD COP10, the Convention on Biological Diversity Conference of the Parties 10th meeting in Nagoya, Japan in October. This is a good opportunity to showcase the work CEC can contribute particularly to Communications, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA). We intend to spread the message about how to communicate environmental issues, especially with our side event ‘Communicating Biodiversity: Bringing Science to Life’.
  2. Working with the Forests programme on a special edition supported by CEC of their magazine ‘arbor vitae’. This will showcase the diverse experiences of CEC on how to communicate about forests. Keep your eye out later in the year for that edition.
  3. Developing new promotional materials to help highlight what CEC is and particularly our work on CEPA. Download the CEC brochure, CEPA brochure and CEPA video Love. Not Loss.from the CEC website and share this with your networks to engage more people in the work of communication and education about conservation.
  4. Establishing social networking accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Picasa photo sharing, SlideShare for slideshows, as well as adding CEC videos to the IUCN YouTube channel and are using these to showcase the work of CEC and compliment the other communications channels we have. I encourage you to take a look at these sites, see what CEC is up to and share your experiences.
  5. Building a network. As CEC Focal Point, I am in touch also with other organisations interested in working with CEC and, as these opportunities develop, I will keep you informed as to how you may also be a part of this work.
  6. Developing a knowledge management strategy and tools to support the IUCN Programme.

One important thing that each CEC member can do is to see where your own experience and areas of expertise can be applied to the work of CEC. There are many Specialty Groups and Regional and Country networks that you are welcome to join in. Make the most of the CEC network and make a contribution to IUCN’s vision of a just world that values and conserves nature. Share your stories, let your friends know what you’re doing and help grow the CEC network. This edition of the newsletter is a great way not only for me to get to know you all a little more, but for us each to get to know each other in this worldwide network.

I look forward to working with you all in the coming months and please feel free to send me an email at Rodney.Abson@iucn.org to let me know what you are up to or if you have good ideas or opportunities for CEC.

Thank you,

Rod Abson
Science and Learning Officer
CEC Focal Point


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