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As you already know, the Principle of Non-Regression is an International Law Principle known by Human Rights specialists requiring that norms which have already been adopted by States not be revised, if this implies going backwards on the subject of standards of protection of collective and individual rights.

The IUCN Commission on Environmental Law has established a Knowledge Forum on the matter to take concerted action against this considerable challenge faced by environmental law.

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We invite and encourage you to send any information you may have on this Principle and its possible consequences. The information we are looking for has to do with:  

  1. A constitutional or legal regulation prohibiting environmental law regression in your country and/or region
  2. A judicial decision on the topic not only on environmental law but also on any other fundamental human right in your country and/or region
  3. Any comments and/or articles you may have on the subject

We ask that you please submit this to Ms. Stephanie Bartkowiak with a copy to Prof. Michel Prieur and to Mr. Gonzalo Sozzo

We look forward to your contribution.

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Environmental Law
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