New publication by CEESP-SEAPRISE members - "Extractive Industries & Sustainable Development for Offshore Oil and Gas operations in the West African Marine Eco Region"

CEESP SEAPRISE Members Clive Wicks and Sandra Kloff  and Paul Siegel have just published a best practice guide 'Extractive Industries and sustainable development'.  Available in English and French.

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They write, "Some of the world’s most valuable coastal and marine ecosystems are found in the West African Marine Ecoregion and these are being threatened by a range of factors – notably fi shing, land-based pollution, coastal development, dam building in river basins, tourism, climate change and, more recently, by a renewed interest on the part of the oil and gas industry. Virtually the whole coastal and marine zones – including hotspots of biodiversity, key fishing grounds and important tourism areas – have been divided into blocks open for oil and gas exploration. Many companies are looking for oil and gas and one consortium is already producing.

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