New musical "2050: The Future We Want"

Peace Child International and Green Cross present an inspirational musical at the Palais des Nations, Geneva. The first-ever performance was September 3rd.

2050:  The Future We Want Photo: Illustration by Gizem Cakaya

Event date: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 19:00

Venue: Assembly Hall, Palais des Nations, United Nations at Geneva, Switzerland

The purpose of the musical is to kick those gloomy thoughts into the long grass, and present instead a vision of an entirely exciting, liveable future that is much cleaner, more peaceful, more fun and more comfortable for the entire human family than the one we live in today.   This inspirational musical is set in the year 2050 and revolves around young characters who confront, and overcome, the major ecological and related humanitarian challenges of today: climate change, unsustainable development, nuclear weapons proliferation, pollution, inequity, injustice and  manmade environmental emergencies.

The performance will benefit from the participation of actress Sharon Stone, musician David Gordon and also a magnificent international cast of young people carefully selected just for this show.

You can now see the video from the event here

Shortly, the scores, scripts, production notes and lesson plans will be available, royalty free, to schools and educational / NGO performers.

Using a musical to promote our messages is not for everyone - but for the right team, there is no better way!

Visit the website for more information >>

From CEC member David Woolcombe

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