New Head of IUCN EURO, Brussels

Hans Friederich, Regional Director for Europe is delighted to announce the appointment of Monica Jacobs as Head, EU Representative Office in Brussels, Belgium as of the 13th April 2011. Monica is a seasoned professional who will help forward IUCN's role in Brussels.

Monica Jacobs

The role of the Brussels office is to influence EU policies that have an impact on the environment and to be the IUCN gateway for interaction with partners in Europe. The main responsibilities of the Head of the Brussels office are to represent IUCN in Brussels and to ensure the successful collaboration and information flow among the different actors, including IUCN European Members and National Committees in Europe, IUCN Commission members, EU institutions, United Nations agencies, NGO’s, private sector and the IUCN Secretariat.

A Dutch national and fluent in five languages, Monica has 20 years professional experience in both the private and public sector. Monica joined the IUCN Representative Office in Brussels in 2003, one year after the office was established, as HR and Office Manager, and was instrumental in setting up the Operations infrastructure of the office.

Monica would be happy to advise and support on the following matters:

• Coordination of IUCN’s engagement with European partners and ensuring that relations are developed, maintained and managed at the appropriate levels;

• Facilitation of dialogue among key stakeholders;

• Ensuring that IUCN’s work in Brussels is closely linked in with the work of IUCN Members in Europe, the IUCN National Committees and other IUCN Offices in Europe;

For more information please contact Monica or telephone her at +32 2 739 3002.


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