New evaluation – one in ten Finnish species still threatened

The 4th Red List of Finnish Species has now been compiled and IUCN's new set of comparable criteria were employed for the second time. The results showed that there are 2,247 threatened species in Finland, which is 10.5 per cent of the 21,400 species evaluated. The number of species evaluated is exceptionally large, even by international standards. In 2010, over 6,000 more species were evaluated than in the previous evaluation in 2000. During the last ten years, the status of 186 species (10.0 per cent of the 1,505 species evaluated in 2000) has improved, while that of 356 has deteriorated. This indicates that, whilst species continue to decline, conservation efforts are also producing results for many species.

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The majority of evaluated species are not threatened. However, trends in the most closely monitored groups of organisms indicate that Finland has fallen short of global objectives in its attempts to halt the decline in the country’s species.

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New evaluation – one in ten Finnish species still threatened

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