New co-Conveners to lead CEC's Young Professionals Leadership Team

Tushita Mukherjee of India and Jean Paul Brice Affana Affana of Cameroon will lead the team of young professionals advancing youth engagement across IUCN Commissions and beyond.

By Dominic Stucker and Grace Mwaura

The Young Professionals Leadership Team (YPLT) of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication is pleased to announce that Tushita Mukherjee of India and Jean Paul Brice Affana Affana of Cameroon will lead the YPLT in 2013-2014 as co-convenors. 

Tushita, in her 20's, is Communications Specialist with the German International Cooperation Organization (GIZ) India. She holds a degree in public relations from Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan and a Master's in history from Delhi University. When asked what motivates her to be Co-Convener, she responded:

  • "I'm deeply interested in communicating sustainable development and environment issues and I wish to contribute to the cause beyond my work. I feel that such platforms are important to bridge the gap across generations through the use of communication channels and here, I would be able to contribute immensely. Also, the activities of CEC interests me and I'm confident, given an opportunity, I will be able to give my best." Learn more about Tushita here:

Jean Paul is also in his 20's and is the Coordinator of the Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network. He holds a degree in environmental education and sustainable development from UNESCO and ArTech/Japan. When asked what motivates him to be Co-Convener, he responded:

  • "I'm an active young professional who supports global youth and other key stakeholders to ensure a safe climate, sustainable development and biodiversity protection. I have more than six years experience working as a youth activist and now as a young professional on these issues. I have the necessary international networks, skills, and experience to be YPLT Co-Convener evidenced, for example, by my role as Focal Point of the Youth Constituency at the UNFCCC in 2011. I will be able to contribute to the YPLT's team work and help ensure it has success and great achievements." Learn more about Jean Paul here:

Tushita and Jean Paul will reach out to the young CEC membership to convene an online meeting of the YPLT, sharing updates on CEC strategic direction, identifying priority action areas (including ideas generated at Congress), and inviting all of you to join project-focused Working Groups. In the meantime, we encourage all of you to have a look at the IUCN CEC Annual Report 2012

For more information, contact Dominic Stucker or Grace Mwaura

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