The New Climate Message

A new guide explains how to develop tangible, desirable and aspirational visions of a positive low carbon future. Download "Sell the Sizzle - The New Climate Message" by Futerra.

Sell the Sizzle - The New Climate Message

When selling a sausage, it's the sizzle that counts, the sound and smell - otherwise you're selling a dead pig. Unfortunately on climate change it's passed-away pork we've been flogging, so maybe a bit of sizzle might help...

Threats of climate hell haven’t seemed to hold us back from running headlong towards it. This 34-page guide from Futerra Sustainable Communications explores two metaphors (1) Sell the sizzle, not the sausage and (2) Climate change sounds like hell, so where is heaven?

There is one message that almost every audience responds to. A narrative that changes hearts, minds and even behaviours. An approach needed now more than ever before. And it’s the opposite of climate hell. We must build a visual and compelling vision of low carbon heaven.

This guide outlines how to communicate that new positive vision.

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Climate Change
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