Nature+ ...resilience... Congress theme and slogan

 Nature+ is about boosting the resilience of nature – improving how quickly nature and people adapt to change.

2012 Congress Nature Plus Logo

Congress theme and slogan

The Congress theme is to be Nature+, a simple and memorable slogan that captures the fundamental importance of nature and its inherent link to every aspect of our lives.

Nature is naturally strong. Even the most delicate looking plant, animal or ecosystem is relatively tough, their survival instincts honed over generations of evolution. But many years of human civilization have undermined our environment and the fundamental natural infrastructure that supports our lives, communities and economies.

Nature+ is about boosting the resilience of nature – improving how quickly nature and people adapt to change. Better use of the inherent robustness of nature leads to healthier natural systems, better results from ecosystem and biodiversity restoration, and healthier people, communities and economies.

Excerpts from the Theme

Resilient nature
Nature provides humans, and our societies and economies, with a vast range of benefits, both material (food, fibres, clean water, etc.) and spiritual (recreation, cultural values, etc.).

An uncertain future awaits and the strength, flexibility and capacity to adapt to change for both nature and humans will be vital. We urgently need to build this resilience into our systems to successfully manage the impacts of predicted as well as unforeseen changes.

…The means to achieve resilience are already at our disposal. We have the science and knowledge to identify the challenges and lay out options to deal with them. And in an increasingly connected world, we can share and learn across countries, cultures and climates.

It is already happening on the ground. Thousands of organizations and millions of people around the world are taking action on the ground to successfully conserve biodiversity and boost nature’s resilience. IUCN’s role, today more than ever before, is to make sure this work is recognised, replicated, scaled to higher levels, and used to influence policy decisions.

…The IUCN Congress will set out a blueprint for action to increase resilience in a changing and uncertain world. It will build on the success of previous Congresses and concrete conservation results from all over the world, as well as bring together people and plans inside and outside IUCN to create a road-map for the future. In Jeju, a stronger link between the Forum and the Members’ Assembly will ensure that the Congress fulfils its many roles as a venue for dialogue, a place for debate, a forum for knowledge sharing, and a space to catalyse change.

…Human survival and prosperity depends on a strong and resilient natural infrastructure, one that responds and adapts effectively to change. With collective global decision-making slowing, and challenge and change coming ever faster, building natural resilience is more important than ever. Local conservation results show how this can be done, and why it needs to happen at a global scale. The IUCN Congress is where the world comes together to make the commitments, plans and actions to build resilience, make nature stronger and drive real and lasting change on a global scale.

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