Nature protection, now and tomorrow

The Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, an IUCN Member, has recently published “Biodiversity of Serbia – current state and its prospects”, gathering results on nature protection initiatives, projects and actions for the period 2008-2012. On one hand this publication offers the most recent data on the actual state of biodiversity in Serbia, and on the other it presents a comparative analysis of the country and Europe’s biodiversity.  

Authors Dr A. Mijovic, N. Sekulic, S. Popovic, Dr N. Stavretovic, and Dr I. Radovic, 2012 Photo: Cover page

The specific value of this publication is, besides new data, the methodology used to present biodiversity as a complex issue which in addition to its natural dimension also contains social, economic, legal and political dimensions. The authors provide a scientific overview of current Serbian biodiversity, and an analysis of legal and development policies. They present active protection methods and results and biodiversity improvement projects carried out within the protected networks of natural areas.

The publication also includes experts’ conclusions on challenges and future directions in the area of biodiversity protection. “Biodiversity of Serbia – current state and its prospects” contains the complete list of protected nature areas of Serbia, the index of biodiversity protection projects, the overview of international nature protection agreements, the selection of laws and regulations and other relevant information for the study of nature and biodiversity.

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