Natural Resources Governance Framework

The main aim of the IUCN Natural Resource Governance Framework is to provide an independent method to determine the strengths and weaknesses of natural resource decision-making and implementation. It will help decision-makers, whether citizens, economic institutions or political authorities to make better and fairer decisions that will underpin the sustainable management of natural resources and improve existing governance arrangements. 


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The Steering Committee of CEESP designated as CEESP Focal Point fot the Natural Resources Governance Framework, the Theme on Governance, Equity and Rights (TGER) Chaired by Janis Alcorn.

TGER works in close collaboration with the Nature Based Solutions unit of the Secretariat, and in coordination with other offices of the Secretariat including the Environmental Law Center, other Commissions and IUCN Members. to carry out this work the Natural Resources Governance Framework (NRGF) Working Group (WG) has been established, chaired by TGER chair Dr. Janis Alcorn. The NRGF WG includes thirty CEESP TGER member experts who have committed to work on the IUCN NRGF initiative and will serve as nodal persons to reach out to others in their particular areas of expertise. The NRGF WG members include CEESP Chair Aroha Mead and Gonzalo Oviedo from the Secretariat, and IUCN Councillor Dr. George Green; the CEESP regional vice chairs serve as honorary members. TGER expert Jessica Campese reviewed existing governance assessment tools in a background paper for the Secretariat in 2012, and is now working part time to coordinate the NRGF WG with the Nature Based Solutions office at the IUCN Secretariat.

Together the NRGF WG members bring the broad range of expertise and the outreach to broad networks required to engage in the discussions and debates necessary to create robust tools. The NRGF WG members also cover the diverse regions of our Earth. By bringing this mix of characteristics to the task, the NRGF WG will contribute to building a framework and governance assessment tools that are standardized to produce comparable good governance results, and at the same time sufficiently flexible that they can be adapted to the diverse national and local situations. A draft concept paper for the NRGF is being circulated within CEESP, and an initial workshop is in the planning stages. It is anticipated that prototype tools will be developed and tested in field sites by 2014. The NRGF and its associated tools will be new IUCN knowledge products; for more information, see:

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